Personal Scale Assistant in Cubase 11

Does Personal Scale Assistant work in the Score Editor?

I have been asking about this since I started using Cubase about 3 years ago. But the users who responded, did not understand my question, or what I was trying to do. So I just stopped using the score editor (even though that was one of the reasons I invested in Cubase).

Anyway, now that I have a useful terminology, I am asking again.

Though I don’t use the chord features in Cubase (it is contrary to my concept) I noticed that you can take advantage of the new Personal Scale Assistant to some extent.
It does not appear on the Inspector of the Score Editor but most settings from the Key Editor seem to be taken into account (even if it’s not open), but only when you play live on your MIDI keyboard/instrument or use Step Input in the Score Editor. It does not work with computer Keyboard entry mode.
And If you insert notes using the mouse you still have to use the “Key Notes within Key” option in the score.

They are actually available! Plus there’s other good news about the new feature, which I find to be awesome:

  • In the Scale Asst. you can remove the scales you don’t want to see
  • if you have the stomach for it, you can edit the order of the list in the file “Scale Presets.xml” in the User Settings folder.

The list can be accessed from the Transpose tab in the Score Editor, but as of now, you can’t open the Scale Assistant in the Score Editor. I’ll report that bug.

Check out the attached images…

“When you drag the mouse up and down before releasing the button, accidentals are shown beside the note to indicate the current pitch.”

@ steve
2 1/2 years ago (Jun 2018 post), I thought that I tried your solution and still could not get the mouse to put the note accurately in the staff. So I just went back to learning Dorico and learning to use the key editor.

After upgrading to 11, I thought the Personal Scale Assistant was the answer. To test it, I just clicked a few notes, but again, they went sharp more often then flat. I tried to drag the note back till the sharp disappeared but it would go back sharp when I released the mouse button. So I posted in the forum and went back to trying to improve my arranging skills.

Today, I thought I would take another look around and, to my surprise, I had no problem with putting notes in the staff.

I guess it was one of 2 things.

  1. It has taken me 30 years to learn how to use a mouse,
  2. My brand new hearing aids fixed Cubase!
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