Personalised Tempo Indication Library


I love it, that we can edit the tempo indications. Can we/Dorico save our edits, maybe in alphabetical order, for future use. Quite often (shhh most times) I need a non-Italian indication for my charts.

As it is now, the indications are listed in order of increasing tempo. Is there, or can we have, the option to list them in alphabetical order? That way, those of us who prefer alphabetical order can do a typical search for the particular indication by typing the first letter in a search bar.



No, at the moment you can’t add your own personalised tempo markings to the Tempo panel, but this is something we may add in future.

If you use the popover, you can not only find existing tempi marks alphabetically by typing, and you’ll get a drop-down list of matching terms. You can also just type your own text without having to edit an existing instruction.

Thank you! Looking forward. :wink:

Good news. Thanx! :sunglasses: