Perspiration Whisper

heres a bit of a rock/pop effort i recorded in 2009 and ive just attempted to remix it ,my girlfriends daughter on vocals.

Hey really cool production. Guitars sound really good. I like the slide solo, kind of had a George Harrison bent to it.
Good job.

Really did have the Harrison feel great sounds love the whole track including vocals. Like the placement of back round panning. overall mix might be a mastered a little bright but that’s a matter of opinion

I really like the way you handle guitars on this one. There’s something I need to learn from you about tracking guitars left and right. How did you actually do it? Exact same part? Loose, tight? I like what you’re doing. Also came across Voodoo Child. Enjoying that one a lot.

thanks ,glad you like it,i had jeff beck in mind when i did the slide ,but i don`t mind it coming off like george i loved his slide playing too. cheers

thanks, glad you like it, ive put a gentle slope from 16k to try lose some of the shrill,allthough it probably needs the mix sorting out , youre right it give me ear buzz.thanks

cheers Early, yes the left and rights i played twice and panned left and right ,the chorus section was harder because of the faster moving chords which ended up slopy but i liked the effect that gave in parts ,believe me i tried to get it tighter .thanks for liking my version of voodoo chile .

The bass hooks are good, very catchy in their own right. All the instruments sound good and the guitars don’t stand out as being sloppy at all, very nicely performed. I thought the vocal sounded a bit echoey/submarine-like, I don’t know whether it’s wrong reverb or just too much or even something else, but otherwise the vocals sounded very good for the style.

Some words/phrases are a bit hard to discern in the harmonies and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the aforementioned. I liked the song overall but felt the main thing lacking was a catchier chorus in this one.

This is a really good track, to my ears very commercial old school sound, dunno why exactly but brought to mind jefferson airplane…some sort of feel goin on there…dunno about the technicalities of the vox but liked the sound of em…and to think there’s people out there making money out of songs no where near as good as this…makes yer blood boil…Kevin

forgot to mention…luv the title of the song

thanks for the comments ,you are probably right about the reverbs ,though i do love messing with them.

i didn`t have a melody for the chorus originally ,i only had the chord pattern (egg before chicken)(or is it the other way),charlotte came up with the melody and all the lyrics ,i was very impressed with it ,considering there is a key change in the middle of the sequence .cheers for the critique, good stuff.

thanks kevin for the nice comments, its funny you should mention jefferson airplane ,i was playing in a band with charlotte for the last couple of years ,just doing covers on the local pub circuit ,we did a couple of jefferson airplane tunes and others from that 60s trippy era.cheers

Another nice song :sunglasses:

I didn’t like the unison overdubs, but I LOVED when she harmonized. Too much “point” on the kick for my tastes – sounds like SSD, which I hate :laughing: