Petaluma: Accidental-token and line-leading

I think, the size and position of token-based accidentals when using Petaluma should be improved:

Music Font: Petaluma

Music Font: Bravura

Furthermore, identical line-leading settings lead to very different results when you switch the music font between Petaluma and Bravura.
For me, the space between lines at 100% leading could be smaller (like in Bravura/Academico). (Both screenshots use the same setting…)

Do you definitely have ‘Bravura Text’ chosen as the font for the ‘Music text’ character style in Engrave > Character Styles?

As long as Bravura is used, everything is fine.
The problem with the accidental happens when switching to Petaluma via Engrave>Music Fonts… even if I start a project from scratch:

Interestingly, the use of (token-based?) accidentals leads to different results when switching between Bravura and Petaluma:

After inserting a ‘flat’-token to the title its baseline position changes when using Petaluma:

This does not happen when using Bravura:

Furthermore, there is a little inconsistency in the ‘Project Info’ dialogue, I think:

After pressing “Apply”, the currently selected item in the left column (e.g. ‘Project)’ gets deselected, while the fields on the right side stay filled out.
The user has to click on the same item in the left column once again before he can edit its fields on the right and apply those edits.
(This can be seen in both videos.)

Sorry, Andreas, I meant Petaluma Text chosen for the ‘Music text’ character style in Engrave > Character Styles.

Daniel, no problem, I’d already assumed that you meant “Petaluma Text”.
And the answer is “yes”, it is chosen.

It looks like there’s a problem with the scale and position of this character in the current version of Petaluma Text. We’ll fix it.