Petaluma font not installed

Hi everybody,

I a new on Dorico (former Finale user :grimacing:).

I have installed Dorico Elements 3.5.10, but, each time I open a test document I made for learning about this app… in witch I use Petaluma font, when I re open this “test document”, a dialog box says that this font is not totally installed :unamused: (see attached file)

Support told me to uninstall (by dragging the app. in the trash) and make und new installation, that I dis, but the problem still occurs.

Did I miss something ?


I don’t think there is something wrong with your installation. It’s just that Petaluma doesn’t have an italic style. It’s not dangerous to ignore these warnings and open the document anyway. You just won’t see italic styles in some of the text elements, that’s all. If you want to get rid of these warnings, check the various text styles in the Engrave menu. Many styles are based on one of the Default styles, so check those first.

Wow thank you :pray:

Support was not as precise as you…

The bold fonts are also ignored, probably for the same reason…

Best :sunglasses:

Wait, I didn’t see you’re using Dorico Elements. I’m sorry, but in that case you can’t access the Engrave menu and edit the styles. It’s still harmless to open and use the document, though.

Thank you !!!

The same for Petaluma bold probably !

Is there a possibility to “manually” install these fonts, or is it unuseful ?


I’m not sure they exist…

Welcome to the forum, Michael. There is indeed no bold or italic version of Petaluma. You can safely ignore this warning; if you wish, you can switch off the option to warn about missing fonts when opening projects, which you’ll find in the Files section of the General page of Preferences.

Thank you very much both of you !
I wish you a fine evening or day, depending in witch part of the world you live.