Petaluma Score, Clef Changes in Wrong Font

I’m writing a big band score. The pianist has both hands in bass clef at some point. I notice the clef change to bass, and then back to treble are in a traditional music font even though everything else is Petaluma.


What’s the best way to fix this for now?

It’s a 'known limitation" of the implementation. The clef change will always show Bravura, no matter what the chosen Music font.

There are two methods to fix it:

  1. In the Music symbols Editor, change the F clef (small) character to the one in Petaluma. Also G clef (small) and C clef (small) if you need those.

  2. In Engraving Options, change the size of the Clef Change font to 19/25ths. When the Change Clef size is larger than 75%, the active Music font character is used.

Thanks @benwiggy!

Maybe I don’t understand how to use the Music Symbols Editor (very likely). Changing the font isn’t doing anything. Any tips? I pick the font from the selector on the right, but nothing is happening. I tried clicking “add glyph” but no success.

Clearly I’m not doing it right…

Select the G clef from Petaluma, and add that. (Then delete the Bravura clef)

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Yep, I was using it wrong. Hahaha. Thanks!!!

Thanks for this workaround! Where is this change stored in order to be available in future projects or on other computers? In the project file only? I would consequently need to save project template?

Yes, the change is saved only in the project file in which you make the change. Depending on which route you take to achieve the result you’re looking for – either changing the music symbols or modifying Engraving Rules – you can save these changes as defaults for future projects, but only of course if you always want to use this other music font for all future projects.