PG: Drag from Cubase Pool (or mediabay) to Wavelab


Not sure if I mentioned it before:

The dragging from Cubase Mediabay to wavelab works really well - especially when there are 2 different soundcards installed or a multi-client driver.

Same goes for the Pool in Cubase

Having recorded audio in Cubase
I can drag it immediately into Wavelab for editing

Which saves a whole heap of time.


It’s 2012 and we applaud for drag and drop. Wow!

You’re not dragging/dropping a .wav file from Finder/Explorer to your desktop – you’re moving objects with proprietary OS handles, and between different programs. It’s not as “obvious” as it sounds, and it is appreciated. As a comparison, try moving a .wav sample to/from Kontakt/Battery/Mach5/Maschine/etc to an audio track and see what happens.

I tried this and it opens fine in Wavelab and I carry out my edits but then when I try and save it so that I can go back to Cubase, it won’t let me? Clearly I cant drag and drop back in cubase either?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I much prefer doing my edits in Wavelab than in Cubase

Grateful for any detailed help here please :slight_smile:

AFAIK it’s impossible, and that’s where my applause comes to an end.

Although I understand some of the logic that is going on “behind the scenes” (metadata, the need to write new files into the right directory, etc…) I still find it completely puzzling that Steinberg cannot work simple stuff like this out.

Again, it’s 2012, guys…We are not talking about rocket science here!