PG : Driver test request

Hi Phillipe,

Is there a way I can send you guys an ASIO driver that doesnt work in WaveLab to test? The driver works in every other audio application in our facility so it would be valuable to know why it is incompatible with WL.

Thanks very much

What does not work? And on which platform(s)?

Platforms tested: Win 7 64 Ultimate and Win 10 64 Pro.

WaveLab will not pass audio when the native driver is selected. The playback head moves but the meters indicate no audio is passed and no sound is heard. WaveLab behaves as if very high resolutions are selected (very rapid playback head movement). Driver is very high high resolution capable but 16/44 pcm is selected in the hardware and WaveLab.

Switching to Asio4All as the driver allows normal function at 16/44 but is limited in its functionality and thus it would be valuable to have the native driver working correctly.


Did you write this driver?

No. I am a user not the developer.

What device is it?

Chord Electronics DAVE / M Scaler

Did you contact the company? What do they say?

As I indicated in the initial post, the driver functions normally in every other audio application we use other than WaveLab so there is no failure of the driver per se that I would contact the company about. Certainly, I’m willing to do that but I believe they would be a bit confused by the fact that Im contacting them considering that the driver works normally except in WaveLab. I could give it a try though if needed.
The reason I was reaching out to you was to see if there is something specific about WaveLab that would make it different than the other applications and fail to operate with the driver. I didnt know if there was a way in your software development environment to test a driver for compatibility/ function. Obviously, if it would require the hardware for you to test then testing is not at all realistic and I definitely get that. Inherently really high end esoteric DACs are not common and cant be part of a test plan.
As WaveLab is my workhorse application (where i spend the most time) I have a strong incentive to have the driver work so that I can eliminate the limited functionality problems of Asio4All. Thanks.

Are you using the latest WaveLab 9.5.50?

Yes. WL install is current version

Do you have another Steinberg application such as Cubase? Normally there should be no difference with Cubase.