PG Elicencer alert

PG. There is a flaw in the Elicencer system.
I regularly backup my system disk using Acronis Imaging software.
I recently replaced my C: drive with a new one, used Acronis to put the
old C: drive image onto the new drive, and found that WL6 and 7 both work
without the need for the USB dongle. I thought you might like to know.
I also use Cubase Studio 5, and this will not run without the dongle.

Hard to believe, but you will sooner or later have a crash.

Just for interest, I’ll run without the dongle for the next 2 weeks and
report if it has crashed or not.

You were right. WL7 is now not working without the dongle
just after 1 day. Still strange though that it worked without
for a whole day.