PG? Errorlog crashdump


writes Wavelab 7.2.1 in Win7 (64) after a crash, the reason in a errorlog (crashdump), and where can I found it?

I had with Wavelab under WinXp no trouble, now with Win7 (64) crashes and hungs.



no idea ?


What are you doing when the crash happens?

I have a similar problem in Win 7 64 bit wavelab 7 latest version —Bombs when I try to close audio files

Hi Philippe,

I worked in the Audio-Montage to prepare a Audio CD, with markers. WaveLab go in this Moment ins Nirwana, with no messages. I reloaded Wavelab wit no problems and it works.

I don’t no what I do wrong, so I hope WaveLab makes a dump before the crash, and I can found my mistake. In the moment I work not with WaveLab.

In the Hardware is only changed my audiocard from M-audio firewire, to a steinberg UR824 and from WinXp to Win7 (64). With WinXp and Wavelab I had never problems on my system.