PG is there a way to completely uninstall WL11.2?

I want all traces of it gone so I can install a fresh version. I mean all the registry entries and anything else associated with it. I use WL 11.2 because I like the way it is setup but I cannot use my Elgato with it. I think something is corrupt. Elgato says it “should work” and says to contact the DAW author. Thanks in advance…

My Elgato works well with WL 10 and WL12…FWIW

WaveLab does not write anything in the registry.
The WaveLab settings are all stored there:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\

Erasing this is like reinstalling.

But I doubt this can have any effect on Elgato’s behavior. What functions of Elgato are you using? Does it rely on the WaveLab executable path?

But if you say you have W12 and it works fine with it, why using W11.2 at all?

The usual things like play, mark, level, gain, loop, home, fade in fade out,select all, and play selected.

I really don’t like WL 12,2, too many “gotchas” if you don’t watch what you are doing. Like it putting files in really strange places. I am working on a project with 321 files and WL 12.2 started putting the files on my C: drive instead of where I told it to put them. Not fun.

I have a setup that works for me in WL11.2 and it is NOT working well in WL12.

I got rid of that file and still can not use my Elgato with WL11.2, Something is messing with the communications between WL11.2 and the Elgato. Good to know about the registry. Thanks as always…much appreciated.

Are you using an Elgato plugin for this, or do you rely on shortcuts? Because in the later case, there is no reason it should not work.

I am using the same setup for WL 11, WL 10 and WL 12. I have the unit plugged into my usb and then I use their software to configure my Elgato. The Elgato I have is the 15 button one and is version 1. not version 2. It works GREAT with WL12 and WL10 just not with WL11.2. Thanks for all the help!


Is this on a PC? Windoze 10?

I don’t run Elgato but I can recommend that the latest big Windows update that seems to have smoothed a few rough edges out across the board.

I only mention this because I am aware that many studios avoid OS updates for very good reasons.

I am up to date with all the updates. Something is causing WL11.2 to not recognize my Elgato unit even though WL10 and WL12 are both able to use it. Thanks, as always, for the heads up…-TOM-

That’s the opposite: your Elgato unit does not recognize WaveLab 11.2.
All versions of WaveLab don’t know anything about “Elgato”.

You are of course correct. It is not WL11.2 that is having the problem is that somehow my elgato is not interacting with WL11.2. -TOM-

I still have WaveLab 11.2 installed and my Stream Deck works with it.


I use the Elgato only for WL and I use it with WL10, WL11.2 and WL12. WL10 and WL12 work with my ELgato, WL 11.2 does not. I use the default setup. Something is preventing me from using it with WL11.2. Thanks for taking your time to answer this question…-TOM-

I finally fixed this problem using this software. Ashampoo® UnInstaller FREE - Overview - Ashampoo® . It uninstalls everything associated with WL11.2 and when I reinstalled WL 11.2 the Elgato worked the way it was suppose to. There was something that was corrupted in one of the files associated with WL11.2. that the normal Microsoft uninstaller missed. Anyway thanks for all the help…

PS it also cured a couple of other problems with WL11.2 and the mouse…

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