PG Praise

Just wanted to give a note of praise and “thank you” to PG and Steinberg. I’ve just returned from Chicago, IL USA where my client (radio legend Walt “Baby” Love) was inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame. I have been his producer for over 20 years using Cubase initially and eventually Wavelab exclusively for production of his internationally syndicated programs. Recording (tracking), editing, creative imaging, mastering, metadata management - all done within Wavelab. (the creation of the Audio Montage in v3.0 was a game changer !) I didn’t want this moment to go by without acknowledging the brain behind the tools that contributed to our success. Thank you PG for your wisdom and support. You are truly one of a kind. Thank you to the members of this forum for being a great resource throughout the years.

Continued success !

Eric Caver
Eklektic Entertainment
Former WL beta tester (v4.0, 5.0, 6.0)


110% agree

Plus the extra value he brings to Wavelab via this forum - where his patience and professionalism is hugely appreciated.


Always motivating to have such feedback :slight_smile:


Despite the criticism for the Hamburg people, who have managed to give me lots of pain by making WL basically unable to boot up on my machine (for various reasons that seem to be connected to their new copy protection system) and caused me to lose many hours of tracking down the problems I must say - yes PG has always been very helpful and a great guy. WL is in many areas the fastest and (if it starts) most reliable solution for a couple of my audio tasks.