Phantom 1024 rest when condensing

My 2nd and 3rd clarinet parts are consolidated into one line using the condense feature (and as a condensing group). When I condense them, a mysterious 1024 note rest appears. It cannot be selected or deleted because that is the whole point of condensing - you cannot alter the condensed instrument.

But if I switch back to uncondensed, there is no sign of such an artifact on either part.


Those same rests sometimes appear after a very bad import of an xml file but not always.


I’ll be better if you post that part of the piece as a Dorico file. Remove all other flows and all other music that allows the issue to still happen. From the screenshots alone I see nothing that might cause the issue

Please do provide a minimal project file that shows the problem. I imagine there may well be some spurious data in one or other of the source instruments, perhaps because this music started life as a MusicXML import and some rests have become hidden by way of the ‘Ends voice’ property in the source staves. But without seeing the project file itself I cannot say for sure.

I do apologize - I did not understand how to post it. Here is a stripped down version. Measure 123. (1.62 MB)

As I suspected, there’s a faulty bar length at work here, so the bar really is longer than 4/4 by a very short rest. I imagine you’ve imported this project from MusicXML, and the bar has ended up imported with the wrong duration. If you stop hiding signposts, you’ll see a tell-tale time signature signpost at the start of bar 123. I suggest you switch off condensing, select each of the notes at the end of bar 123 in each staff, and switch off the ‘Ends voice’ property so that the rests appear and you can see what’s going on. Then you need to fix up your bar lengths so that bar 123 really is a 4/4 bar. Possibly the easiest way to do this is to create a barline immediately before the spurious rest, then select the spurious rest and do Shift+B to show the bars popover, type -1 to delete that tiny bar, then go and delete the extraneous time signature at the start of bar 123. That should take care of it.

Very good. Thank you very much! You all are awesome!