Phantom audio playing in large project

I’m working on a big project (150 tracks…dunno if that’s important) and one track is a vocal delay throw.

I had some audio on here running through the delay - then deleted the audio.

Now on one specific part of the track it still plays back that old audio, no matter what I do (the rest of the track plays back as it should). There is no signal on that track or any other that corresponds to this audio. If I solo all tracks, it doesn’t play. If I mute everything one by one, it still plays through the master but there are no signals in any tracks obviously. This isn’t a stupid error, I’ve checked everything and checked again - restarted etc…

I’m not sure how this is possible or how I can’t get rid of it…?

If I delete all the tracks in the project, it still plays!

Do you have any hidden tracks? Check the Visibility tab in the Inspector.

Legend! Somehow the track had been duplicated and moved into the separated track list I reserve for the arrangement stuff. User error as usual, classic. Thanks very much!