Phantom tuplets before divisi

What causes these phantom tuplet brackets to appear when I create a divisi starting in the following bar, and how do I get rid of them? They appear in Write mode in the score, but not in Engrave mode, but crucially they do appear in the parts, which of course isn’t acceptable.
If I delete the ‘phantoms’, the real ones disappear too, so I’m a bit of a quandary here.
(BTW I know that I haven’t yet exploded the lower pair to their divisi staves, but the problem exists whether I have or haven’t - cf. the upper pair.)

phantom tuplet brackets

Remember you are using Galley View, not Page View. They do not appear in Page view in either the Score, or the Part.

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Thank you, Janus! I truly hadn’t thought of that.
Could I then ask a supplementary? In the score, these instruments have nine bars’ rest after this divisi a2, and then they get divided a3. This works fine in the parts, but the multirest has ‘unis.’ printed on each of the three staves (in fact it still shows if I create a system break on the following barline). Can this be suppressed?

Don’t reset to Unison for those 9 bars?

When I tried that, only the two upper lines of the a3 divisi appeared. I think I need to experiment with system breaks in the parts (and also, I admit, to look through some previous posts on the topic of changing from a2 to a3,). Thanks again.

There are a few things that can appear in galley view at the boundary between unison and divisi that we plan to sort out in future. It had sufficient risk attached to it (that it would cause other problems with notations at the boundary between divisi and unison in page view, where it really matters) that we decided not to attempt a fix in Dorico 5.1.

For the position of the unison label, make sure Snap divisi unison labels to notes is activated on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.