Phase 0/180ª (aka polarity) assignable to QC

I’m using CC121, and I created a preset where the following maps to:
QC 1 HP Filter On/Off
QC 2 HP Filter Frecuency
QC 3 HP Filter

QC 4 Pre Gain

QC 5 LP Filter On/Off
QC 6 LP Filter Frecuency
QC 7 LP Filter

QC 8 (see below)

I would like to assign the Phase 0/180ª button (that should be labelled just polarity really) to knob 8, that way I would have full control of the input pre section. Can’t assign neither with quick learn, nor by looking for it manually (its not there).

Last question, is there a way to select this one preset for all channels without loading it per each channel?

Still waiting for some feedback from Steinberg team…

Yes, though small, this is annoying to me. Wish those EVERYTING on the strip could be assigned via midi CC. QC is ok, but with only 8, you run out pretty quickly, and you also have to load them on each track. Also, selecting “type” of compressor or saturation via midi cc would be great!

And while we’re on the subject I wish Steinberg would get their terminology right. Phase and Polarity are not the same thing.

Phase refers to an offset in the start time between two signals and is usually represented as degrees of rotation through the waveform over time. Polarity can have only two values (0 or 180; In polarity or Out of polarity) and is a measure of whether two signals have matching or opposite cycles, both starting at the same time.

The “Phase” button in Cubase should be labeled Polarity.