Phase 0/180ª (aka polarity) assignable to QC

I’m using CC121, and I created a preset where the following maps to:
QC 1 HP Filter On/Off
QC 2 HP Filter Frecuency
QC 3 HP Filter

QC 4 Pre Gain

QC 5 LP Filter On/Off
QC 6 LP Filter Frecuency
QC 7 LP Filter

QC 8 (see below)

I would like to assign the Phase 0/180ª button (that should be labelled just polarity really) to knob 8, that way I would have full control of the input pre section. Can’t assign neither with quick learn, nor by looking for it manually (its not there).

Last question, is there a way to select this one preset for all channels without loading it per each channel?

Still waiting for some feedback from Steinberg team…