phase adjustment?

Got problems with the phase between the overheads and near mikes on the drums.
Any suggestion about what to do with this?


Try visually aligning the transients on all of the tracks; it might help a little. I’m nutty about getting the phase right on a drumkit.

you could also try inverting the phase on one of the two mic channels to see if that improves matters.
then I would suggest using track delay (in the inspector) to offset one of the tracks playback by a few milliseconds to see if this gives you better phase correlation. (perhaps loop a section and adjust these settings during playback till you find the sweet spot)
once you’re happy, you can then render the modified track and check the transient alignments visually too if you want. (but personally ears>eyes)
hope that helps.

Hello, there is a perfect tool aimed exactly at solving the phase issues:

I’m very happy with it.


Thanks for the help!
I´ll try it out.
It sounds promising!


Do it manually. It’s really not hard and you’ll learn tons.

I´ve tried both now.
It´s kind of hard to hear whats happening when editing manually.
But I´m not impressed with the plugin so I have to learn the manual way!


I haven’t tried it myself but it might be helpful. Its free too.

In a stereo pair, set both tracks to the same relative volume level and then pan both center. Start by flipping the phase of one of the tracks and listen to the low end. Out of phase tracks will give out less bass frequency. They also sound weird, like those stereo enchantment plugins that pull instruments “outside” of the speaker’s limit. Most times all you need to do is to simply flip the phase. But again, do it manually. It’s the best way and you’ll learn to recognize phase issues. That beats any plugin in the world.

Take care!

Thanks! José