Phase button on the 'short' mixer?

If I had one request it would be this: Make a channel phase button available to the mixer when it is in it’s abbreviated form. It is a PITA to have to extend the channel width and ‘raise the flag’ on the entire mixer just to access the phase button. Am I alone in this? If this were a physical mixer - if this were a physical mixer of medium quality to best - there would never be a moment when I could not reach for the phase button at mixdown or live performance.

I’m grateful it has the button, yes, but could someone please make it easier to access? Thank you for listening.

It looks like we may get a rewrite of the Cubase mixer but I can’t see that happening until C7 as it seem such a major change that if they break anything during the current C6 cycle all hell would break loose.

You know, you can extend the complete mixer, then “hide” the EQ part, but still keep the input section with the faders…!?
In the SX versions, (IIRC) you could open each section totally independently of each other, which was the better solution.

Not sure if this is any less clunky than having to open up the mixer like you describe, but at least until the new mixer comes out a workaround might be to have a bypassed Mix6To2 plug-in inserted into your default project, with the “phase invert” button activated. Just taking the bypass off the plug-in to invert the phase.