Phase cancellation on return track with Oversampling enabled

Hello all,

Using Cubase7.5 and “The Glue”.
However, if I activate oversampling for The Glue on a return track (FX track), I get some weird sound: sounds like phase cancellatio. (PDC is active afaik)
Without Oversampling everythings fine. Also, on normal (non-return tracks), Oversampling is doing what it should do (eating CPU power but no phase cancellation).
(I am pretty sure this is not related to The Glue VST?)

Can you give me some advice on this please?

Thank you!

Sounds like the internal processing of the Glue is the culprit, getting things out of phase in oversampling mode. Don’t use the Glue but I have seen (no: heard) such behaviour with some other plugins as well (i.e. UAD Precision Maximizer in 3-band mode - no phasing in 1-band…).

The only advice is to use another plugin for the intented purpose or just to not use oversampling.