Phase-Coherent AudioWarp Causes Project to Drop Out

I’ve ran into an issue when using Phase-Coherent AudioWarp on a Folder, and crossfading between two different takes (as in, on different lanes). It seems that when transitioning from or to a clip which has AudioWarp on, the software has trouble discerning what it should do, glitches, and in some cases the audio for the whole project drops out. When the latter happens, one or more of the tracks in the folder will show a 100dB Peak consistently (no sound is coming out thankfully, apart from a strong click at the start sometimes).

When I disable and re-enable the track(s) the peak is gone, but when replaying through the same section it happens consistently (albeit sometimes it will be different tracks within the folder which show the peak).

I haven’t thoroughly checked if this happens without Phase-Coherent AudioWarp (With normal AudioWarp, that is), but if I can rely on my experience with the two and my memory, it has only happened with the former.

Please do look into this issue! I really appreciated the Phase-Coherent AudioWarp when it came out and it sounds fantastic when it does work. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I dont think this has sepcifically to do with audio warp. Had a similar issue twice (in 7 years) where this happened randomly. Render in place the audio files on the bar it happens and it should be fine. Can you confirm?

I’ve tried rendering in place, it just doesn’t work. Shows an error message…