Phase correlation tool changed in WL9.5 ??

Is it a graphical effect or does the processing of the phase correlation tool changed?

For the same piece of audio (mastering section disabled) in WL9.1 I got nearly 90% of the vertical space filled up with points but in WL9.5
I get only a maximum of nearly 30% of the vertical space filled up with points. Preferences are the same…
What has changed??

There was no change… and with a quick test, I see no difference between 9.1 and 9.5 here.

Is Auto-Size on in the phasescope settings? (sorry if that’s what you mean about the preferences).

I never realized it looks about the same if you pull the level down 90dB with Auto-Size on, since I’ve always had Auto-Size on by default I guess.

Yes I checked this setting explicitly, it was the same.

But I noticed this when I was testing with a second LoDPI Monitor to check the choppy cursor problem.
And now I can not reproduce this behavior too. I will watch this again and if it will occur I’ll make screenshots…