Phase Invert Plugin

Hi There,

Is there a plugin in Cubase 9.5 that I can insert in a channel that will first flip the phase of one channel then flip the 2 channels?

I can’t find anything that does it exactly this way.

If not. Does anyone know of one that is available elsewhere that does this?



So a stereo track ?
Why not duplicate the track, Pan hard left on one, hard right on the other.
Flip phase on one track, route both to group channel and flip phase on that.

Because that’s not what I want. I’ve already effectively duplicated the track by sending it off to an FX track so I can do what I’ve described above in the FX track and keep the original track untouched. There is a reason for doing this and I believe from what I’ve read it can be done in Logic. But I don’t use Logic. So all I need to know is: is there a plugin for Cubase 9.5 that will do this the way I want to?

So you are talking about a stereo track?
If so inverting polarity on channel 1 and then inverting polarity on both is basically the same as inverting on channel 2. or do you need that on different points of the signal path? I’m not completely understandung, what you are after. “Mix6To2” let’s you invert one channel of a stereo track only.

As svennilenni mentions you can do this with the ‘Mix6to2’ plugin.

The Sleepy-Time DSP plugins, including Polarity, are available here:

Thanks for the links and the info. I’ve tried Mix6to2 and it does what I’m looking for. I’ve also found a couple of other tools that will do it and I’m getting the results I was looking for.