Phase Issues with parallel processing /Direct summing mode ON, Fx Channel/

Hi guys,

for many years I am trying to get around the problem with phasing, but no luck at all. Sad … that this basic function does not work properly for so long. I just need to double my drumbus for a parallel processing, and there are a strange phase shifts happening while inserting different plugins. Why other DAWs handle that properly (even with the plugins bad latency reporting)? Is there any way how to compensate that issue? Because logically the bad latency reporting should result also to phase issues even on mixing tracks to a bus, but this does not happen. :open_mouth:

I just need to have Two drum busses with different plugins on them and mix the result to a drum “masterbus”, but those phase shifts are just absolutely huge. Tried the “direct summing on”, or send the bus to a FX channel, but still these weird phasing issues. It all acts absolutely unpredictable.

In my case: I need to mix drums to a bus (there will be plugins on that bus), and this result with bus plugins send to a parallel bus, where I need to apply some other plugins (like for smashing the drumsound) and mix it together with the first drumbus.

Any solution for this (without phasing issues?)


Could you please attach the MixConsole screenshot with your current routing?

I do the same sometimes, but it works flawless. Maybe a plugin introduces the problems.

I’m having the same kind of problem although I’ve understood it is a compabitility issue with RME and Cubase going for decades. RME digital I/O’s cannot ping the external FX and therefore the latency cannot be calculated. For me, it always comes back as zero.