Phase-locked warping of group tracks (multi-mic'd instruments)?

Cubase is so full-featured, I want to believe it’s there and I just can’t find it, since even ‘lesser’ DAWs have this crucial functionality.

How do I do timing edits (using warping – not slice and quantize) on multi-mic groups? For example, 3 mics on an acoustic guitar, or 10 mics on a drum kit?

As of now, when I do it, it’s clear that Cubase is warping each track without consideration for the others, and this creates phase issues.

How do I phase-lock the group in Cubase Pro 11?

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Hello, as far as i know, this is not possible at the moment. Multitrack free warp is a long term feature request. Since phase is also linked to pitch, i can imagine that this is complicated and maybe not possible at all when dealing with different pitches at once. Just out of curiosity, why not using the cut and quantize group edit feature, which is intended for this task? I’ ve used it multiple times in the past and it works quite well.

It’s been a while since I’ve needed to do it, but I seem to remember achieving this by merging the individual mono mic tracks to a single multichannel track, doing the warping there, then splitting the multichannel track back out to the component mono tracks. It was convoluted but it worked.

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Unfortunately, that would only work for 2 mics, am I wrong? I quite regularly mic instruments (acoustic guitar especially) with 3 mics.

As for the logistics, I know that FlexTime time doesn’t allow pitch edits (only time time edits) when it’s in Phase-Locked mode where a Q-reference track is selected that all other group tracks must follow.

Cut and quantize works well in many cases with percussive stuff, but not so well for musical things – especially when the sustain between notes needed to be longer (rather than shorter) – then it can create audible gaps when making timing adjustments.

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??? Why would you be limited to just 2 mics? Merge all your mic channels to a multitchannel audio track ( a surround format, 5:1 will allow you to merge up to 6 mono sources. If you’re only using 3 mics you could merge to LRC format. Or you could add empty mono audio tracks to the merge in order to match the source channel count to the destination multichannel track format. I’ve used this method for both multi mic’ed acoustic ensembles and drum kits. Also for multi mic’ed/amped DI’ed electric guitar. TBH with kits I ended up finding it was easier to slice and slide.

Good tip for certain instruments. I still hope this feature is addressed in the future, but this approach will help some situations in the interim time.

Agreed, it’s not a proper solution, just a workaround in certain limited situations. Fully implemented muli track warping would be very welcome. It’s been a requested feature for years.