Phase problems with quantize


I recorded 2 inputs on each of my gutiar gutiar tracks. I want to quantize them. After setting up the hitpoints and using the group quantize audio warp features, they get thrown severely out of phase.

Is this a common problem? Should I be using the “creat slices” feature and quantizing that way instead? If I do that, it’s really hard to avoid pumping because of the crossfades.



You could try making each pair a stereo interleaved track by exporting/importing, do your quantise then make them two mono tracks again by the same method.

What are you trying to do?

The Audio Warp function does not process multiple tracks in phase, which is a shame. Here’s what the manual says:

“Cubase 6.5 introduces an additional approach for AudioWarp quantizing multiple audio tracks. In addition to slicing the audio events and using the slices for quantizing, you can now choose to create and use warp tabs. Note, however, that phase coherence is only preserved when you use slices.”

The way to do it is analyze hitpoints on one track, use that to slice up all tracks you want to quantize. Then use the quantize panel to quantize the clips. The last step is then to use the Close Gaps (time stretch) feature to get a hopefully glitch free and quantized track. Note that time stretch should work much better than crossfade.