Phase start issue

I have noticed that unfortunately there is no way to make the oscillators sound punchy across the keyboard. Neither with the random nor the fixed phase option. When I set the fixed phase to a certain value, the attack sounds punchy on, say, octave 4, but wishy-washy on octave 3 or 2.
In Sylenth1 when I activate retrigger and set the phase to a value where it sounds punchy on octave 4, it also sounds punchy on other octaves.
Somehow Sylenth1 seems to track the starting point of the wave across the keyboard to make sure the wave starts the same on all notes, not just a few. I wish it were like that on Retrologue2 as well.
Steinberg probably can’t change the existing fixed phase mode as it would screw up existing presets. But maybe they can add another mode, that is like on Sylenth1.