Phase Switch on Channel Edit Window EQ gone?

Thanks for the update Steiny! I really like some of the fixes and added features.

I was working away on a mix and noticed that there is no phase switch button on the Channel Edit Window when the EQ shows knob controls. It used to be there… or I’m I imagining it? Its there when I switch to the slider/numeric controls.

Is that new in 7.06?

I really don’t want to sound like a complainer, but can we have the phase button in the Edit Window or Mix Console like we used to in the old days? Always there when you need it, without the need to click through menus to get to it.

Can it be added to the Track Controls Setting list, for example?
I just think that it is essential to be easy accessible same as the fader.


Has anyone found where the phase button is?


sorry guys, it is a graphic error, the button is still there but is not visible … It’s already reported and planned to be fix on the next update.

Thanks for your understanding!

The button is out of phase and is only visible in another dimension :slight_smile:
The fringe devision are on it.

Thanks for chiming in Luis.