Philharmonik Miroslav in Cubase 6-64bit

Does anybody can successfully use Philharmonik Miroslav in Cubase 6-64bit and Windows 7-64bit?
If yes I would be glad to hear how you installed this VSTi.

On my system with Steinberg VSTBridge Philharmonik Miroslav appears and seems to run but when I play I obtain only crackles without any instrument sound.

With jBridge I get only a blank screen.

add: Philharmonik Miroslav works as Stand alone but with 96% CPU

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I run this same configuration with Miroslav (Cubase 6-64bit and Windows 7-64bit). I just fired things up to check, but I’m having no trouble. Since you see the Miroslav VSTi interface, I assume you’ve set it up properly in an instrument track, and that you’ve routed the Mirsolav output properly. I also use jBridge and it has worked flawlessly on all my 64 bit VST/VST’i

I would, if possible, uninstall, then reinstall, Miroslav. When I first got it (along time ago), and after the subsequent update they issued, I had to do that and things were cleared up just fine I also note there is very little performance issues from within Cubase 6, and when I ran it stand alone, the CPU load was acceptable. Wonderful sounds. Great piece of software, when it works :wink:

Wish I could help more.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot for your answer, it gave me confidence to try again.

I finally could run Philharmonik Miroslav succesfully through jBridge, but there was a problem to solve first: the authorization process of IKMultimedia that leaded jBridge to some errors.

For anyone in the same situation here is what I did to solve the problem:

Before doing the following, a bridged .dll was already created according to jBridge instructions founded here:

The thing is to authorize Philharmonik Miroslav before it runs through jBridge.
In order to do that I pointed Cubase to scan the folder containing the not bridged original .dll
I removed the folder path to the bridged.dll
Closed and started cubase Cubase again
Open Philharmonik Miroslav (it opens with Steinberg VST bridge but gives no sound)
went through the IKMultimedia authorization process
Then I remade the folder path necessary for the jBridge
Opened Cubase and it worked :slight_smile:

The only thing ist that it seems to freeze for a little time when I assign a new sound.

Of course I am glad that there is a way and that it works but migrating from Cubase on XP 32bit to Cubase 6 -64 bit on Windows 7 is already a lot of work if you have a lot of plugs to reinstall and reauthorize.
It is really a pitty that the 32-bit plugs not working in 64-bit add even more work!

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Dear teacue: Yes: it’s simple with jBridge. Please see my post of a moment ago. I’m new to this, so hope you can track down my post. Gotta run right now, but if you can’t find it, write me at Best, Nile