Philosophical Musings...

Let me begin by saying I own Cubase 7 to 8.5, Halion 5, GA4, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance, Prologue Pro, etc
I have Cubase 7.5 (32bit) and 8.5 (64bit) installed on the same computer (Win 7 64bit).

In all honesty, I hardly use Halion and the other apps I paid for, as good as they may be, I often find they’re not that user friendly (Halion5) or what I’m looking for, sound wise…(I’m generally not a big EDM guy…)

I do however use Cubase 7.5 32 bit (yes I love old plugins) as my bread and butter system, because I find it reliable for my personal use, and I can depend on it when I have paying clients.

Of course, pointing out bugs and issues is important, and the developer should pay attention to them, plus we expect and require “support” and answers to our questions but constant whining about a product tells me one thing; it’s not for you…move on!

If you had a friend who was constantly complaining about his girlfriend (or boyfriend), even if they had been together for years and it “used to be so perfect”, what would you tell them? You would probably say, “if you’re not happy, leave them!”

No, Cubase is not perfect…is life perfect? Can you upgrade your life for $100 bucks, and make it everything you dream of?

No no, it’s just the way the internet works. Folks complain about any little thing first. Since a lot of people choose to complain it results in a chorus of whiners. Seriously, I once saw someone complaining about the amount of seaweed on a beach at an all inclusive in the Caribbean. Think about it…seaweed, sea, Caribbean. Someone is complaining about that. Cubase naturally will take lots of flack.