Phone support

Is there any tech phone support for U.S. If so what is the number. Thanks!

No. You’ll have to contact them through your account at

Ok thanks. I contacted them via email 2 weeks ago but no respond yet . Thanks!

Did you receive an automated email right after you made the submission?

Hi Steve? Yeah I received this email back,

Hello , Thank you for contacting Steinberg’s Customer Support Team. Your support request has been received and we will respond as quickly as possible. Support requests are usually responded to within 24 - 48 hours, excluding weekends and observed holidays.
Your current e-mail issue is already in our support queue to be answered

Just still awaiting a response. Thank you for replying back to me. Big thanks…

Ugh. If there’s not a reply in your spam folder I would just create a new request. If it’s something the forum members could help with, certainly start a thread.

Thanks… Sure will…

Yeah, they take forever especially when they aren’t making it clear that they need to verify a few things with the account holder. I love the product and how polite tech support is but they must be slammed to be taking that long to reply. I explained everything as clear as possible and attached screenshots as well. The response that I received was -“Please provide your Cubase 8 activation code beginning with…blah blah blah”… I thought they meant enter it into their website to get it to work which was my original issue. They should state it’s a verification process or a user only activation code which they don’t know on their end because you would think they have all your account info and could just look it up and see whatever the problem is. It’s coming close to a week of bouncing 3 emails back and forth. I’m a very patient person but waiting close to week to resolve my simple issue is very frustrating especially when you know that it would probably only take 5 minutes to fix if handled over the phone or via live window chat.