Phones channel in cubase


Am I missing something here? I have the studio connections set so that I have cue mix for the performer and speakers set up. Where do I need the Headphones connection for?

Since I can flip through MIX and CUES in the control room section and listen that in the headphones or speakers. And this without enabling the separate Headphone connection.

I think of it as another set of monitors (way of monitoring). You can check the cue mix, preview stuff in mediabay while keeping the Mix on your monitors.
There is a preference to route the preview to phones.

But like you said, you can flip through mix,cue mix… on your main monitors.
Whether you make any use of it depends on your workflow and also on your interface.

Ah okay. Thanks for the info.

Yes, it pretty much is just another set of monitors but it has it’s own volume controller which means you can easily turn down your monitors via Control Room, and put on your headphones and listen. If you have your headphones running off the monitor outputs, you might have to power down your amps or make some other changes in order to listen to your headphones without hearing your speakers.