Phonic Firewire mixer not recognised by WIN7-64bit

I have a Helix Phonic12 MK2 firwire mixer that refuses to be recognised by the windows 7 (64 bit) home premium edition pc.
I downloaded the updated drivers for win 7 from phonics website,installed as stated in manual.
When it finishes installing it asks you to connect and turn on the mixer,i have done this but after windows searches for it without finding it,
i just get the same message about connecting and turning on the mixer.
I was using this with my old pc running xp home,i was just testing it out before i got hold of the WIN 7 pc,
it worked although cubase vst did not show the phonic mixer channels as inputs so i couldn’t use the various routing options it has on later versions of cubase,
I have Cubase 5 at the moment,the mixer- if it was running as it should be would show up in cubase 5 as inputs,
you can then route signals out from cubase to individual channels on the phonic mixer and use the mixers on-board fx,then record back into cubase(thus saving processor and memory on my pc).
Has anyone come across problems like this with firewire devices in WIN 7 -64?
The firewire card is a Dynamode 3 port card.I bought that make after a member of the steinberg forum was recommending them.
It appears in device manager as IEEE1394,no conflicts according to WIN 7 it is working properly.
If anyone knows a way to sort this out it’d be much appreciated.
thanks for reading,fingers crossed i can get it working as it should do…