Photo Journal of Core i7 Sandy Bridge Build for Cubase 6

To those who are interested, I’ve posted a photo journal of my recent computer build. Check it out here:


Cool, thanks for posting!

If you don’t mind, how much did your setup cost?


Thanks, very interesting. See that you still have room to store your lunch in there! I don’t have the courage to build my own.

Thanks, guys. It came in just under $1000 US, but I already had the dual monitors, keyboard and mouse.


I think that’s amazing value :slight_smile: !


Looks shiny, is there not too much noise from the fans?


Great job!

Worry, if your “power” will affect a big noise :astonished:

If you could store it in a separate room, no problem. I
f you have it just under your recording desk, probably big problem.


I just got it set up and installed Windows 7. It’s actually very quiet; much quieter than my “outgoing” PC that only has one case fan.