Photo preset as notpad


i have to much analog hardware now and it starts to take a lot of time to store all settings if i need to recall something. i tried notes, photos. i would love nuendo to be able to store photos from a could so i can take a picture on my phone and drop it in the current track Notepad. (ideally in markers as settings can chance in a same session but… yeah that would be a good start.)

deal ?

haaaa looks nice thx :stuck_out_tongue:
for the moment i was doing
1- photo
2- upload cloud (to avoid connect phone to computer)
3- download to session folder
4- rename (because you have to really)
now i have to add
5- open snapshot plugin
6- locate image
so it’s nice to have it directly inside the session and plug is free so all good.

…but it would be nice to have it there but it would be amazing to have a snapshot app with a cloud adding a photo automatically to the session that is detected online :stuck_out_tongue:
that 's not so crazy if you think at what steinberg has with network features and VST connect…