Photos in the Steinberg Hub, news and tutorials

Since this morning when I launch Cubase, in the Steinberg Hub to the left of the projects to open there are now photos.
I think they are disturbing and they should do advertising in a sober manner, at least within the software. Why should I be condemned to see Hans Zimmer, or whoever else, every time I launch Cubase???

Is this temporary, because Cubase 11 is out?
Please switch to the old way :wink:

There is also a wrong link, if I click on User Manuals in the Steinberg Hub, it goes to Deals….

Just saw this on launching C10.5 - Doesn’t bother me as much; maybe they could add a checkbox for showing thumbnails or not… i.e. minimize the info so it can show more items at once

I like it. Adds a bit of colour to the otherwise bland hub.

It is not the most bothering thing in this life… but if you are into a state of musical inspiration can be a distraction. The general trending is that the paid versions of software REMOVE the banners and visual advertising present in the free versions…I guess there is a reason for this :exclamation:

A checkbox it’s a good idea, unless you have to check it every time you launch the program, then would be useless

Suggest that you shut off the hub (in preferences) from opening every time and just check it once in a while.

Regards :sunglasses:

thank you, I didn’t know this option