Photoshop filter not working :(

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to emboss a few guitar tracks for added depth, but everytime I insert it, nothing happens. I can change the light angle and depth but nothing seems to change.

Any Ideas?

x64 or x86?

Try trashing preferences.

I didn´t either read your post but the answer is “23”

Glad to be able to help you

I can emboss any tracks here without issues. Make sure you have the latest Cubase/Windows updates.

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Try more cowbell?

I’m with that one…

Hmmm, that could be a bug.
Depending on what you want try to double the track and add a slight gaussion blur to it. Then make the blurry version about 12 dB softer so they just shine a bit in the background while the embossed guitars give definition in the foreground. Try some yellow for the shine.

Loungy Mac Loungington…


Did you burnish first, before applying the embossing?

Also, sometimes it’s necessary to apply some bas relief to the kick-drum track so the embossing stands out more.

After updating to the latest driver everything is working fine here.


Ya know…what would be interesting… if we turned this thread into a visual relation to what certain effects do to audio.

Mine always end up like this>

That sounds great!
What is the name of the band? :mrgreen:

50 shades of psychedelia

Slow day at Woodcrest then? :laughing: