Phrase Marks Not Going Where They Should, in Harp Parts

I’ve a harp part whose melody spans between treble and bass clef staves (clefs not shown in the screenshot below; upper stave is treble, lower stave is bass).

To insert a phrase curve, when I select contiguous notes (C, E & F) in one phrase (shown by the square bracket in the screenshot), which occupy two staves, Dorico inserts TWO curves (as shown in the screenshot below): one for the notes on the lower stave and one for the notes on the upper. It also extends the phrase mark to include a note in the next bar (the A), which was never selected!


Why does Dorico ‘assume’ that the gap between grand staves splits melodies? It’s a nightmare to edit the false curves, and one can only do this in Engrave mode.

How can I get Dorico to insert the phrase mark properly, first time?

If you Click on the C and then CTRL/CMD+Click on the F, you should get one slur spanning the three notes. (How you adjust the slur afterwards is up to you.)
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Aah, Derrek, that’s clever. Thank you.

There seem to be a lot of clever people in this forum :innocent:

I actually genuinely think there are.

For reference, this is also suggested in the manual.