Phrasing five 1/8ths

HELP!! How do you score 5 x 1/8 notes? I need to score five 8ths in the time of 2 1/4 notes. How do you put a phrase mark over the 5 notes with a little ‘5’ to tell the player how to play this group of five 1/8th notes in the same time as it takes to play 4 1/8 notes?

  1. Insert 5 notes of any length shorter than 1/8 note

  2. Select the notes (only)

  3. Then use Scores>Build N-Tuplet… in the menu, with these settings:
    Type: 5
    Over: 2/4

  4. click Build

if your notes are already recorded and you do not want to change their duration, do step 2 to 4, excepted that you would use Quantize at step 4.

Oh! What a relief!! Thanks so much Maestro!!