Physical manual

Hi everyone,

I have just upgraded to Cubase 9 (a long long time coming) and was a little disappointed that it is a download copy that I received and now a physical copy. This means that the instruction manual (which has taken me an hour to find) is a PDF.

Not being one that like to print 1000 pages and hate reading from a screen, is there a way to get a physical copy of the manual? Or do Steiburg send them out later?

Thanx in advance

The last version of Cubase to have a physical manual was Cubase 5, which was released almost 10 years ago. The manual is expensive to print and its weight increased shipping costs.

The closest alternative is bookmaking either of these pages on your phone or tablet:

You can then check the manual without switching windows, or while you’re away from your computer.

Download the PDF-manual and get your local print shop to print it on high quality paper, double sided probably and go for the hardcover binding option.

How many trees would be wasted by delivering a manual, glad that it is digital.

Good idea, but I have never been able to locate any print shop…even the on-line web shops that will do it for a reasonable price.

I had the sections I was interested in printed off double sided at the UPS Store and then put it in a notebook. I prefer printed copy. It would be nice if Steinberg had a printed version to purchase.