Pianfully Sluggish GUI

I know this has been a complaint by many CB users and I hope Steinberg will fix it.
In Cubase 8, 8.5 and 9 the lag when zooming, editing, clicking in the background, etc is SO painfully slow compared to every other DAW, especially when there are a lot of audio files in the session.
This is not only a MAC issue. I’ve tested on Windows 10 and it’s the same mess.

I imported the same amount of audio files into Digital Performer, Logic, Pro Tools and Studio One 3 and they all respond smoothly with hardly any Lag.

It’s so frustrating, especially when you have to work fast tom meet a deadline.

Am I beating a dead horse with this post?
Hopefully not.

There is a full on topic going on at the moment and you are not alone.

Check this out:

Please do share your info and issues you are experiencing so that Steinberg can tackle this annoying GUI nuisance.

Same issue here! I thought I was alone. I am also having really slow load and saves. Getts worse with every upgrade.

I’m on PC though… and I have C9. Client waiting :frowning:

The link I provided is a thread for Mac. You should definitely start a PC GUI issue thread.
I read that this is one of Steinbergs priorities and are looking into it, hopefully for both Mac and Pc.