piano became two instruments in xml import

I’m working on a chamber score that was a originally made in Finale.
When I imported to Dorico, the piano became two different instruments, just labeled 1 and 2.
What’s the best way to combine them into a single piano part?

What I’ve done is to move #2 to the same player as #1, and then converted #1 into a piano. That creates a strange bottom staff (above #2’s staff) with no rests. I can cut and paste in little bits, but when I try to do the whole thing, it weirdly wipes out the top staff. My sense is there’s probably another way?

Much better way is to create a different, new piano staff. Then copy-paste one staff at a time.

I more or less ended up doing this. Had to deal with a lot of weird situations w/ the xml import (a lot of two-voiced parts got split into separate staves…)