Piano bottom staff ignoring dynamics

Couldn’t find anything that helped in the forum. Attached is the project. When I created a new project with piano, it worked as expected, but in this project, the lower piano staff always plays at the same volume, while the upper staff follows the dynamics input in the top staff. (My understanding is this how I’m supposed to input them.) Thanks!

Have another go. You don’t seem to have attached anything.

pianodynamics.zip (1.67 MB)

Works fine here. Make sure that the dynamics are attached to the right staff.

Certainly the playback in your project, Stephen, isn’t as written! I find that if I reapply the playback template via Play > Playback Template, that sets things straight. I can see that you’re using HALion Sonic SE for the piano and NotePerformer for other things, so I suggest you apply the ‘NotePerformer’ playback template, then manually add HSSE and assign the piano instrument to it. Hopefully you’ll then get the expected dynamics on playback.