Piano Concerto 2

Since I bought my MacbookPro 2 years ago I have reduced the software I use to just Cubase 5 and IK Mutlimedia Philharmonik.

I now stick with MIDI only and compose orchestral works. This Piano Concerto was written earlier this year

The file on Soundcloud is movement 3


I hope you like it

pretty cool, I have to admit it has a bit of a feel like someone randomly playing with midi arpeggiators because it doesn’t really sound like a performance to me, but some parts I liked better than others.

I’m listening to it right now. Man, you must have worked forever on it! It sounds very much like a midi rendering, and I’m sure you wish (as do I) that you could hear it performed by an orchestra. To me it sounds like “Jazz From Hell” meets Copland. It doesn’t stray much from the root, which is what reminds me of Jazz From Hell. But I’m at the end, and I’m impressed. Sounds really good on my speakers.

Crikey Hugh, this is a massive undertaking, a 20 minute finale? :open_mouth: I’m not really into modern orchestral music as it more often than not sounds like a load of bollox, I kind of stopped after Rachmaninov 3 in terms of concerti. That said, this is a formidable piece that would benefit greatly from a real orchestra and soloist. I hope you manage to achieve that at some point :sunglasses:

Best of luck