Piano Craziness

Is anyone else drowning in acoustic piano libraries? I have Absolute 3 and Komplete Ultimate 11.
It is at last 70 GB or so.
Just curious… What are your favorites? Which ones have you uninstalled?

I have uninstalled Alicia’s Keys and The Grand (too huge) and I am going to uninstall (for starters) the Maverick and Vienna Concert Grand. Plus, I am considering uninstalling one or the other of The Eagle or The Raven (from H6).
The New York and Berlin Grands and The Grandeur all sound nice (though I don’t think that I need all three), the Gentleman is upright and sounds different so I guess that is a keeper and The Eagle and The Raven come with some nice presets in H6 that make them stand apart (but again, I don’t think I need both.)

Anyway, Just curious about other’s thoughts.

I recently decided to move beyond Halion Sonic SE’s and SampleTank’s pianos. I decided to go the Pianoteq route instead of one of the big libraries. So far I’m happy, though I wonder if I would have been happier with a library.

Maybe someone here wants to buy one of yours!

I can’t sell the piano libraries separately and I don’t want to sell Absolute3 or Komplete Ultimate 11 since they both have plenty of stuff I like and use. I am just trying to decide which piano libraries to uninstall.