Piano different dynamics left and right hands

piano different dynamics left and right hands

…work absolutely fine as long as you confirm the popover with Alt-Enter.

They don’t work in NotePerformer, though.

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OMG, that works! How come? what Alt+Enter does differently of Enter? Is there a configuration elsewhere to activate that I can go see that alt+enter does automatically? thjanks

Thank you @pianoleo
for the information about Noteperformer in this context. :+1:

It is now possible to use voice-specific dynamics with the piano in NotePerformer. From the Version History:

Key velocity for piano in Dorico 3

Starting from Dorico 3/NotePerformer 3.3, selected instruments (such as piano and harp) will have their dynamic level controlled by key velocity rather than a MIDI controller.

You can then notate different dynamic levels for the bass and treble clefs for these instruments. It will also be possible to manually tweak the dynamics on a note-by-note basis from Play mode.

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Generally, it creates a “local” thing. So, in the Key Sig popover, it creates a key signature only on the selected staff, not on the others. Same with the Time Sig popover.


Good to know, thank you @johnkprice.