Piano Dynamics Placement

I saw a similar thread, but it did not completely address the question (I don’t think). Normally, piano dynamics go between the staves of the grand staff (except in the less-common situation in which you want separate dynamics for each hand). In the example shown here, I could not select something in both staves because the right hand starts with a rest. I had to select the bass note, enter the dynamic, and then use FN+ALT+N to move it up. (I think F also works.)
1-It looks right, but Dorico thinks the dynamic belongs to the top staff and that is where it points (with the red dotted line when highlighted). Will it understand to apply this to both right and left hands?
2-Since dynmics between the two staves is by far the most common placement for piano and harp dynamics, it seems there should be a way to place them there directly.

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Konrad, what happens, if you select the rest on beat one and add the Dynamic:
Shift+D mp Enter?

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By default dynamics apply to both staves but check this out:

(There’s a link at the bottom of the page for how to do it, but in short you just press Alt/Opt+Return rather than just Return)

Also, this could help if you want to just enter dynamics normally: