Piano improvisation

It was called improvisation in C Maj but oh well, I changed it to Quietly wish I sorta hope fits :slight_smile:
feel free to download if you want it, probably won’t keep it up here for long since it’s not really a composition but I hope it mellows you out late at night.
Kenny Ze


Beautiful peace Kenny, so soothing. Your piano skills are too cool… teach me o master :laughing:

Really cool improvisation, great performing. I love the emotional feeling from those kinds of chords. I hope I can find the time to learn it someday. Early morning here, but an enjoyable listen still!

Too cool…just way too cool, oh to be able to play like this…Kevin

Yes agree with every one lovely playing, creates an end of the day feeling just before you switch off and go to bed,dont know if it belongs in a made with cubase forum though,because even though there is great technique in your playing ,there is no technique what so ever in the use of cubase, you are supposed to make lots of mistakes and put in lots of edits and chop the hell out of it and put in some reverse reverb and some trance gates ha ha :laughing: the tone of the piano is warm and wonderfull , which I suppose is an art in its self ,well it could be a lesson in minimalism of recording I suppose ,oh tell you what ill shut up and go cut the grass :unamused: .good stuff

Wow, impressive improvisation-a technique that I could probably never learn. I love the warm rich grand piano tone here.

Did ya mean burn some grass :laughing: Thanks so much, it is a VSTi which I played through my Kurzweil PC2x as a controller. I am freaking out because I really like the feel of this keyboard it and sort of died the other day after 8 years of use. Trying to find a good feeling controller now, anyone have any suggestions?

I actually recorded about 45 minutes of stuff (just sitting and playing) in about 3-5minute segments. I wanted to have a short piece of just piano for the last part of my new record to take things out. I think I like this one best, but I have 2 others maybe I should post and have you guys help me produce this thing. It so hard when you get attached to stuff to make good decisions.

So happy that you like the tone, I keep trying to tweak EQ etc on the piano, I just discovered on the Vienna Imperial Grand I can actually EQ each note individually (that’s too extreme but possible) or select notes by range and EQ them inside of VSTi. So I took the bottom octave set up an EQ etc all the way to high C…Think I finally got it right, I have one darker EQ setup (Bosendorfer - Steinway) and one that sounds like a Yamaha.
Thanks, Kenny

Chris,Jonathan, Kevin & Bane thanks so much for the words. Everyone of you guys are great to turn to for critique

Kenny, that’s some beautiful playing. Kind of has a Debussy feel to it which to my mind is a really good thing.

Whish I could play like this… sounds really great.

I admire your skills! You are one of those musicians who can just sit in front of a piano and people will listen for hours and hours. Wish I could play like you, but I’ve never learned to play jazz. Michael

The comparison to Debussy is spot-on. I’d throw in Harry Connick Jr. on his album 25 as part of the sound comparison as well.

Kenny, this stuff is amazing. I have this urge to get a glass of single malt now and just listen…

…but it’s only 10am. :laughing:

HA 10am is way to late to start, Malt and Coffee…black of coarse.

Awesome. Just awesome. As others have said, wish I could play like this. Alas… practice time is hard to come by for me these days.

Gimme a Makers on the rocks, bartender. Guy’s pretty good on the piano over there… buy him whatever he’s drinking.

Best comment.


Nice Kenny. :slight_smile:

Check out the new Kawai controller with wooden keys and an actual hammer mechanism. It’s pricey – about $2k – but I played one and it feels great.


As for the recording: very nice. I’m hearing a fair amount of Keith Jarrett influence here :sunglasses:

The following is meant as the ultimate compliment: when I hear your recordings, it inspires me to turn off the TV and get back into recording. Nothing is really hindering me except my own laziness. At the moment, however, I don’t have a place to stream my tunes from. I was using the Soundclick premium service, because they’re the only one I know that allows streams at 320kps. From time to time I’ve had my own webspace, but I’m finding most of the webhosts these days are limited to the often horrid 128kps. So I’m in the grip of indecision. :laughing: