Piano instrument swap behaves differently


I have a Player holding a Piano & Clavés. During a percussion only section of this piece, the piano player plays the clavés. However unlike every other player, the clavé staff is written for the entire piece, albeit mostly blank bars.

All the layout options are set the same as other players with similar situations.

any ideas?

Do you also make use of any of the features to change the number of staves used by the piano, e.g. to add or remove a piano staff? If so, that may explain it.

Yes, Daniel I did. I’ve added a staff in the middle of the piece. Does this cause the Clave part to be scored for the whole part and not swapped over?

Yes, indeed. Do you want the claves staff to appear instead of the piano staves, as an instrument change, or as well, i.e. above or below the piano staves, but only in those bars where the claves are playing?

Hi, yes I want the piano to behave the same as the other players, where it’s a swap. For 8 bars the pianist is playing percussion.

Unfortunately are subject to this limitation, then. I wonder whether another option would be to give the claves instrument to another player, assign that player to the piano layout, and then use the regular Hide Empty Staves feature to hide the piano and show the claves and vice versa? Obviously it does require that you engineer things such that the fake transition between the two instruments occurs at a system break.

What if I just remove the extra staves for the piano and give that to a second piano?

Sure, you can do that too, provided that second piano is not “held” by the same player as the first.