Piano keyboard panel stuck with one instrument

Thank you for the piano keyboard panel (among lots of other things in D4!).

When writing for a string orchestra it works fine for violins, but when I move to violas, celli and double basses, the keyboard continues to play violin sounds and doesn’t play back notes below G3. This happens both in note input mode and outside of it.

It is possible to continue note input this way - notes too low for violin will appear in the other staves correctly - just the playback and the sound used are not right. Clicking the notes in the score uses all the proper instruments in playback and shows the correct piano key pressed.

I’m sure I’ve missed something even having read the version history and much of the other documentation - along with searches here. Any help appreciated!

There were two threads about this recently but can’t seem to find them.


Found it:


Thanks Jesper :bangbang: