Piano left/right hand Quick question

Is there a way to tell Dorico to play the left hand of a piano quieter than the right hand? Some expression map trick or playing technique perhaps?

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I’d say please search, but don’t; just read this thread that (as things stand) is literally two threads below this one. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=147156

And please search in future…

My dear pianoleo, here we go again. Not only did I spend nearly an hour searching (as I always do), but I had also read that exact post and another similar one about inner voices. My question was specifically directed to anyone that might have found a workaround or if there’s some sort of trick someone might have discovered/figured out. Other posts on the matter ask about editing velocity and other specific questions… I’m also aware of the possibility of creating a separate playback track.

So I ask you again, please watch your tone. Your replies often come with a bit of snide tone that is very off putting.

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I think you have misinterpreted Leo’s tone.
It appears you just don’t like the solution to the problem.

Maybe in the past I’ve not been clear enough about why I’m so much more inclined to give a helpful answer if you tack a response on to an existing thread, so I’ll do my best to explain here.

If you start a thread that asks a question, or a variation on a question, that has been asked many times before, my assumption is that your existing knowledge on the topic is nil. I can’t give any answer at all without giving a fleshed-out answer that explains all the little details, even if I’ve given someone else a similar answer somewhere else on the forum in the past.

If, on the other hand, you add to an existing thread, then (in my opinion, and it’s JUST my opinion), you don’t just help me, you help everyone. I can see what you’ve already read, which helps me to give a helpful answer quickly and concisely, and anyone who searches next week/month/year has one fewer thread to read and retain in order to get an answer to a question.

For example, if you’d responded to this thread (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=142798) I’d know that you’d already read what Daniel has to say about it, and that you’d already tried what he’d suggested and discovered that it doesn’t work. (I’m assuming it doesn’t work; I haven’t tried in Dorico 2.1).

Obviously this forum isn’t remotely about me, and I certainly don’t want to make this thread about me, and I could choose not to answer threads like this one that (quite obviously) put my back up, especially if my answer is going to put your back up too. I can’t speak for any of our fellow Dorico users, but I’d hazard a guess that at least some of the very vocal participants on this forum are more inclined to respond to an existing thread with clear context, rather than a new one that appears to claim no prior knowledge.

Hopefully I’ve at least explained WHY I get snippy, even if you don’t agree with my reasons.

I’ll back away now.

No please don’t back away! My point is precisely to avoid alienating each other. If I may, I would appreciate it if you allow me to reply point by point:

I couldn’t agree more, personally I try to memorise all your usernames so that I have some context when replying. That way I know if it’s a so-called newbie asking or someone that is aware of the many workarounds and tricks we’ve all already shared. Now, I don’t expect you to remember me, but I did specifically ask for a “trick”, thus implying I was aware that the program does not allow velocity edits or different dynamics on both staves.

However, to bring the point home:
1.- I don’t like hijacking other people’s posts when my question is only similar but not the same
2.- The program is under development, thus new features might have been added since the last time this question arose
3.- Somebody might have discovered a workaround that not even the developers had thought about
4.- I prefer to title my posts so that they appear easily on a Google search. Piano left/right hand is likely a search for someone with the same problem, whereas “workaround for expression map” or “dynamics” are not likely to show up in such a specific search.

Actually I had not seen that particular thread in my search, but I did find another one where someone suggested the same solution… And no, it doesn’t work.

Perhaps I’m partly to blame and I’m being oversensitive. I don’t (and never have) spent any time chatting with people on the Internet, so perhaps I am unfamiliar with how it’s done. On the other hand, I do participate in a few other technical forums and I have never seen the types of replies that I see here (not necessarily directed at me). Although I sympathise that it’s annoying when someone posts something like “how do I change clef?”, the best thing to do is to either help the poor sod or just ignore the post. After all, if no one replies the thread will quickly go down and disappear into oblivion.

On a final note, the forum is for asking help. I would understand and accept it if a staff member would say please do a search, but when random users do it it’s just patronising and what gives them the right to police the forum anyway. Furthermore, I don’t know about you, but I barely have the time to keep learning Dorico once a week and posting bugs or asking questions here. Last time was the same problem of having these long discussions about opinions, semantics, protocols, etc and most of this precious time arguing about how to behave on a professional forum, instead of spending it working on the software.

So again, please don’t back away, but also realise that sometimes you might be talking to a senior professional that’s done its homework and possibly spent hours Googling before posting here. If you have nothing useful to say, then don’t say it.

Be well!

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Curious reply… No solution was provided so I don’t really know what you are talking about.

I believe Derrek is referring to the post that Leo referenced. The problem and its workarounds discussed there are the same as your request: how to create split staves for RH/LH piano playback.

It’s been addressed in the post above, read points 2 and 3

Why don’t you just assign different dynamics to the left and right hand voices?

It doesn’t work, it picks one dynamic , usually the right hand, and just plays that.

Select a voice, type shift-D to invoke the dynamics popover. Type in the dynamic you want and then press Alt-return (instead of return). This will assign the dynamic to just that voice. Repeat for the other voice with a different dynamic.

That doesn’t work, or at least not for piano using NP3. It actually returns some very strange playback, as if NP can’t decide which dynamic should apply to which staff. I tried it with pp in RH and ff in LH (and vice versa), and the result was… schizophrenic.

I didn’t see any note performer requirement. And I have no knowledge of how that works as I don’t own it. But I use this technique a lot and it works fine for me.

How about creating different players? I know it’s definitely not elegant, but hey, you’re asking for a workaround. Piano 1 is just for printing, so it’s the “source material”; mute Piano 1 in NP3. Piano 2 has the exact same music as Piano 1, but just the right hand. Assign the corresponding dynamic. Piano 3 has the left hand. Both, Piano 2 and 3 are excluded from the score (so it won’t print). Works for printing AND playback.
Downside (besides de ugly way): any change you make to Piano 1, you have to copy and paste accordingly.

I take your points, Bollen, but I stand by my first one: when there are two very similar threads within a short period of time it a) looks like you’ve not done your research and b) gets confusing for people who want to help. There’s the risk that the previous question gets answered on this thread and that the previous OP can’t find the answer they’re looking for (because they’re only looking for it on the thread they started).


Not every one has the time man and you’re not entitled to police the forum and decide what is and is not a repeated question. If it annoys you when someone asks something trivial for the hundredth time, leave it to me. I’ll happily answer their questions, just ignore it. It’s a better policy and the usual procedure in most ‘technical’ forums.

However, I also take your point and in the future I will endeavour to link everything I’ve already read to give a context about what I’m NOT asking for.

This works!!! I wish we had “solution answer” to stick it to the top!